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Who can explain this innovative navigation by Slack?

Is there a webflow wizard out there that can show us how to implement this very cool navigation by Slack on one of their landing pages? I assume we could build this using either Fullpage.js or any other script.

Thanks for your input!

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First there’s a scroll hack to make the scroll go page to page. Usually uses things like fullpage.js.
I made a demo for that with Webflow (integration of fullpage.js). It’s unfinished yet but it works.
See it in action here:
Check the sharing link here:
If you need a duplicate of the site just ask me I’ll send one.

Now for the part on the left, you could design a pile of half sections, and use IX2 with scroll triggers to make them appear with a fade, one by one, and disappear the same way.

Have fun designing, come back to show&tell!


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