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Whitespace on bottom of page below CMS galleries

I have a collection page displaying 5 galleries of images, but below the last gallery there is a ton of white space. Any help to figure out why this might be happening will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

As an aside, if I’m able to have CMS galleries display on a non-collection page so that the url is not website/collection/entry and can instead be website/collection that would be awesome, too.

[](http://Read only link)

Live page:

Take a look at your embedded code you have a end div in several places with no start div

Not sure if I follow. In each collection item I have two embeds:

But, even without these embeds, I still see the whitespace. Can you explain more pls?

The second embeded is wrong. It only Have the end tag that is breaking your code

I just removed both embeds and still see the whitespace. Any suggestion?

Will take a look again, but away from my computer for the moment

I took a new look at start to wounder what you want to do?
The only thing i could se was that the last collection is set to Limit items with NO value. I cant tell if that is the problem since i cant publidh.

Tried playing with different Limit values nothing changes actually :confused: