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Whitelisting Webflow global IP for firewall when setting up a reverse proxy

Hi all,

I’m working with a Japanese university on building a departmental website. They want to mask our Webflow domain with a subdirectory on their own:

We thought a reverse proxy would work well here and have tried following the steps outlined in this article: Partial site hosting with reverse proxy 3.

However, their IT team has asked for one or several static global IP addresses to whitelist for their firewall. They have noticed that the IP address for our Webflow site seems to be dynamic, so I’m unable to provide them with a static IP. Instead, I have supplied them with the A records that are listed in the hosting tab—as well as those provided in DNS records 2, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue regarding a global IP address and is there an obvious solution I am overlooking?

Any advice appreciated, and thank you to the forum!