Whitelisted in the respective policy directives

I’ve connected Zoominfo on a project, but the documentation recommends the following: “If a content security policy is enabled on your site, the following domains must be
whitelisted in the respective policy directives.”, what are some ways to do this in webflow? Screenshot by Lightshot
Documentation link: https://tech-docs.zoominfo.com/websights-implementation-guide.pdf

Are you encountering a specific CSP conflict?
If not, then you have no problems.

Webflow hosting does not provide any configuration options for CSP settings. You might contact support and see if that’s a customization option on Enterprise plans, however that would likely be quite expensive.

If your site can be easily hosted elsewhere, that’s the easiest way to gain control over CSP headers.

You may also be able to reverse proxy your site however that has some complications with features like Membership, ECommerce and Logic as SSL cannot be disabled when those features are in use, and your SSL cert will fail its quarterly renewal.

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