Whitelist a user agent to access the webflow site

We are trying to check the status of our website and notify the team if it is down.
We are using Github uptime for this but frequently we are receiving 406 error when the request is sent to verify the website status. Though the site is up it still throws the 406 error.

So, we are planning to whitelist this user agent and check if that solves the problem. Could you please help with the process to whitelist the user agent in webflow?

Webflow does not offer whitelisting agents and I recall language in the TOS that says you are not allowed to use any automated testing. I have not checked for some time but you can. What you could do check status.webflow.com and you can subscribe to notifications there. However, I have seen outages that were not reflected there in a timely manner which I found disturbing. There are easy solutions to this problem if you hit Chat GPT for some advice or know how to code. I have better overall uptime self-hosting my projects for what its worth.