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Hi, I’ve tried to find this on the forums and can’t so apologies if I’ve missed it.

I’ve just reset my test collaborator password and received an email from Webflow despite having white-labelled the CMS: http://cloud.wysi.co.uk/410G3r251R1q

The client would be really confused getting a non-branded email that then links them to a branded page. If branding this difficult can it at least be the webforms.io branding? No real point having white-label if they get Webflow emails.


Hi @l11wke

Thanks for posting.

When a content editor uses the Forgot Password option, they are sent an email from Webflow unless Editor branding is enabled.

If Editor branding is turned on, that is, you have a logo to replace the default Webflow logo, then an email won’t be sent:

Instead, they will see this notification when using the Forgot Password option:

And you will be sent the email to either reset the password on their behalf, or provide the link to them:

Are you seeing something different on your end? If so please let me know what you are seeing – the more details you can provide the better :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks Brando, that makes sense and we can manage it that way but it is definitely sending the email to my collaborator test email account as shown here: http://cloud.wysi.co.uk/341O2h0e1I2a
My Hotmail email address is not a main user in Webflow, I’ve been invited as a client would be. The branding is on but the email still gets sent. Thanks.

Hi @l11wke

Thanks so much for making that video – it’s very helpful!

You definitely shouldn’t be receiving that email. I’ve reported this to the team for investigation and will let you know when I have more information.

Hi @Brando, any update on this? Thanks.

The video example URL has changed btw, it’s here: http://files.siteglide.com/341O2h0e1I2a

Hi @l11wke

Yes we’ve identified the issue. It looks like the behavior you are seeing only happens to projects within a Team Plan. Our team is currently working on a fix and should have that pushed soon.

Thanks for your patience with this issue so far. :bowing_man:

Hi @l11wke,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that our team is pushing a fix for this. Once the fix is live (should be later today), your content editors won’t receive the Webflow branded email. Instead you will see the behavior I mentioned with the above screenshots. :slight_smile:

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