White underline on slider and Conditional visibility on slider

Hey everyone,

I have 2 questions. I am trying to make a list blog with sliders which has dynamic lists. But there is an interesting white line under the slider when I am changing the slide and hovering the text. Does anyone know how to remove it? And it is only appearing on published mode. Not in preview mode. Here is the screenshot:

My second problem is that when I try to set my Lists template pages for posts conditional visibility is not working in a way that I want. I want to make 5th slide invisible if I dont set any image for image 5 ( that slide) . So I would be able to make posts which has 4 or 5 slider. The problem is when I set the conditional visibility for the 5th slide there is a white blank image appearing instead of the invisible 5th slide. I want to remove the 5th slide and skip to the first if there are 4 images set on the blog post. Here is the screenshot:

Thanks for help.

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ok problem 1 is solved. But 2nd problem is more crucial for me lol.

Here is the solution of white line on slider moves. Remove the background color of “slider” block. You can also change it to black or something like I did. It is coming by default.

Hi @emfeza, the conditional visiblity, does not set the visiblity for the slide itself. The slider has not yet been integrated with cms features yet to control slide visiblity.

See more here on the wish list: Ability to add a dynamic slider in Webflow CMS

I hope this helps!

@cyberdave Got it! Thank you so much for support and good to see that this feature is on the roadmap. Good luck.

Ok here is the solution that I found for dynamic conditional visibility on slides. Make collection template pages for each special content type. So If you want to make a blog post with 4 image use another post template. Of course this is a lot of extra effort for no reason but still solves the problem until dynamic conditional visibilty become supported in slides.

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