White space right in mobile view

Hi All

As above, I have white space to the right in mobile view

the menu was out there as well but I’ve managed to pull that back in.

Read only link

Any ideas

Thanks to all in advance


Hi there.

Just at first glance on mobile, your calendar under Events is the culprit. You may want to use a custom calendar system to showcase your events.

Scratch that about the menu, thats still off to the right too.

You are probably right. I need to keep the calendar for now at least. I’ll have a tinker

Many thanks

As for the menu issue, I do not see anything wrong with it except maybe the layout of the brand logo and some spacing issues. other than that the main issue is your calendar.

Here is a quick fix for your calendar.

Insert the HTML embed into a div block. Add 20px padding on left and right of that div block and edit the code of your calendar and change the fixed width of 700px to 100%.

This will fix your issue immediately. I just did it and it look squished but it works.

Thanks Brandon

Fixed. I’m happy with that.