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White space on the right side of my site

I have a right white space on the computer and on the mobile version on the right side.
I looked for negative margins but couldn’t find any that would cause the problem.

The problem is that on the mobile version my menu only appears after going to the right and it is generally annoying to have this white space on the right.

Could someone help me how to get rid of it?

My website:

Hi @martinczbr

You can set overflow:hidden on the ‘Body’ element to counter this, but where possible best to find the actual element causing it, in this case it looks like it is ‘Prubeh Prolupace’ with a negative right margin of -13.

Change that to 0 and you should have no white space :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @StuM
Thank you for the answer. I set it to 0 in the element “Prubeh poluprace” and set the body element to overflow hidden but its still not working and I still have the white space on the right…

Hi @martinczbr

I’ve had another look - try doing the same on the ‘Hero Section’ which as a -9 set on the right margin.

Set to zero and let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @StuM, I’m facing the same issue here: . I don’t have any negative margins and all most component margins are set to auto. I tried changing body:overflow attribute to hidden but on doing that vertical scroll stops working. Could you please take a look and help with this issue? Thanks