White Space Issue on Mobile

Hey everyone! Thanks in advance for the help, it’s very appreciated.

For the Accelerator Program page on MOBILE only, I want to have the Apply Now button Fixed to the bottom of the page so it’s always there as you scroll. I have a few issues related to this:

  1. There is extra white space on the right of the page (if you scroll to the right) on mobile, this needs to be fixed.
  2. The Apply Now button is not centered until you scroll down to the yellow “Our Story” section at which point it magically centers itself! (I assume it’s because of the white space issue above)
  3. On page load, I want the Apply Now button to be there Fixed at the bottom of the screen.

Here’s my share link:

Appreciate the help!

@rhami, first and foremost, awesome site.

Ive created a quick review video, I hope this helps with your questions?


@QA_Brandon thanks so much for the video and kind words!

The “centering” issue shows up when you view it on an actual phone (I tried a Samsung Note 8 and iPhone 7).

Also I tried your fix and changed those animations but still getting the same white space issue! If you check it out on a phone, then scroll down to the yellow Our Story section it corrects itself…your help is super appreciated!

Figured it out! There was an animation on the “Our Story” text that I removed and all is now fixed…thanks so much!

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Can u please send a live link so i May look on my phone or use a testing program to see what u r referring to?

Fixed the issue! See above post for explanation…here’s the link though: https://www.prolific.media/accelerator

Appreciate all the awesome help!

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