White Space After Footer

I have a large amount of white space after my footer on my listings pages (CMS) only and it’s on IE, Edge and Firefox.

Here is a link to a page where the footer problem shows up (It shows up on all listings too):

Here is my share link:

I don’t see any when opening on my browser. However, you have an empty section element on that page, delete it if you’re not planning on using it.

The white space only shows up on IE, Edge and Firefox and only on listings pages. Thanks for pointing out the empty elements. I deleted them but it didn’t fix the white space.

There’s a div called “section-11” that is causing this problem. Its margin-top property is causing the white space. Are you sure you published the changes and cleared the cache after deleting that section?

That fixed it! Thanks for the help. I deleted other blank sections but not that one.