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White labeling not applying to source file names?

Quick question, I noticed that white labeling on the professional plan, while it removes webflow branding from the actual code, the source files remain named. Is this intentional? Is there an option to apply to all files, or is this/should this be, a feature request?


Bump :slight_smile:

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lol give them a litttttttle credit :smile:

As much as I love the gang over at webflow, I still like to have the option to maintain 100% white label. :slight_smile:

It does say under the pro plan I signed up for that it includes white label, which “removes branding from cms, billing, form emails, and source code”. Source code would include the source file name I would think, though maybe it is not possible from a technical perspective.

I’m still looking forward to an official response, though!

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