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White gap on the right side of my site

I have been working on this page since yesterday and while testing out some animations and how shadows work, I noticed when publishing the site, that on the right side of the website is a white gap. I have tried using the Auto on my section margins, but that doesnt help either. The white gap is only visible on the published site.

Published Website:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Tutorial

The white gap is there in the preview mode too. The issue is from 900px margin on the About Us. And fixed size images that don’t shrink with the browser.

So the solution for images would be to give the parent Section overflow Hidden. That will clip any overflowing image and get rid of that white gap. But test on smaller screens, maybe you don’t want those images to be clipped like that.

As for the margin on the navbar. You’ll need to replace that with some other method.

Thanks for your quick reply. I removed the margin completly on the navbar. But i dont understand what you understand where i should apply the overflow hidden. If you mean the section itself where the images are located in, that doesnt work eiter. Also the images arent a child of anything, or do you mean the parent the “Image Wrapper”? So im still left with a white gap on the right side. Could you elaborate more on the changes i have to aply or propose a new solution.
Im fairly new to webflow and webdesign so excuse me not understanding everything.

Yes, I meant the section where the images are. It worked. The white gap is gone. Unless I’m missing something.

Yea i tried that, now again, when publishing the white gap still appears. Maybe share a screenshot, maybe im doing something wrong.

I can see what you’ve done and it’s correct. There’s no white gap. Try the site in a different browser or an incognito window. It might be caching locally and that’s why you’re not getting the latest changes on the published site.

Or send me the screenshot of that white gap. Maybe we’re talking about something different.

Checked on icognito aswell, its still visible

Isn’t that from the scrollbar? the white gap that I was seeing initially was this:

Oh wow i didnt even see on my pc how big the gap was. But yes its probably coming from the scrollbar, is there a way to overlap the scrollbar onto the picture so the little white gap is gone?

Try giving that section a negative margin on the right. Minus 5px or something like that.

Thank you for explaining everything in detail. Helped me alot!

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