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White border around image in Internet Explorer

Hi guys,

quick question - I have this weird white border appearing around an image with content: “” in the css (to remove border in webkit) - and I have tried absolutely everything i can think of to get rid of this in Explorer - but I’m thinking it may not be an actual border issue. It’s really perplexing. Any ideas?

Here’s the live site:

can you give us your project’s webflow public link?

It’s an embed header

why did you choose to embed your header, instead of using the available NAVBAR widget?

because of the animation involved. The webflow IX hadn’t been released yet :slight_smile:

would you can do, to make sure your header works in all browsers, is use the NAVBAR widget with the new IX functionality =)

Fixed it.

Admins - I’ve asked this before but didnt get a response - how do you delete a thread you’ve started? I can’t seem to find an option anywhere…
this post is quite useless to anyone, so I really want to delete it from the forums :smile:


Just curios, how you put the nav for responsive part? as i see you have a embed html.


Hi Deni. I built the nav by hand and used an embed for the desktop version. I added a Navbar widget and set it to hidden in desktop. When the screen size changes, the embed is hidden and the widget made visible instead!

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Thanks for response, dont have any conflict do it like this? And i see that the pages in drop-down you cant show it in
responsive part, is any solution for this?