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While scrolling in view

Hi Webflowers!
I try to make an animation exactly like this:

I have made a few attempts but can’t make it work. I’m new to this language and might trigger the wrong element or something. I’ve chosen the “Scale” transform option but nothing goes my way.

Would love some help if anyone might have the skills.

Here is my public share link:

Go on youtube and search for pixelgeek he has done lots of videos that build from scratch to final product.
I know for sure he has done one with this exact requirement you want.
Let me know if you find it and how you get on.

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Amigo! Thanks a lot for your reply… Pixelgeek is genius, although I can’t find it :frowning: Will look further and let you know…
Best, Jonathan

I got it DATUS!!! Didn’t know much about the trigger points and the amount of divs you need to apply with certain specs… Thanks again mate. Very appreciated!!

My pleasure, tick the heart and tick solution so it cleans up the forum.

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