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While Scrolling in View weird Jumping effect

Hello all,

I cant seem to wrap my head around this issue.

I added an image in the background to kind of place a bit of depth to the page. But for some reason on Chrome and on Safari the scroll is not very smooth. I tried to change the point at which the scroll starts, however this does not help either. I was planning on placing these dots on each page with a black background. Can someone help and see where I made a mistake?

Many thanks,

Here is my public share link: Webflow - UX Designer - Cristiana

Iā€™m not seeing an issue. Can you record a loom.com video of the issue?

Hi @PixelGeek

Below I have made a quick recording which illustrates the issue I am facing. Hopefully it makes it a little clearer.

Great videos on Youtube btw! Watched your ā€™ Advanced hover effects with Webflow interactions - Tutorial (2020)ā€™ video just yesterday :slight_smile: