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'While scrolling in view' interaction is not working


On my page, I’ve added ‘while scrolling in view’ interaction to four short Lottie animations. At 0% scroll, the animation is at 0%, at 50% scroll the animation is at 100%.

It works how I want to in preview. However, doesn’t work at all on the published test page, all four animations start playing as soon as the page is loaded.

I want to use the ‘while scrolling in view’ interaction, instead of the ‘while page is scrolling’ interaction, for responsive purposes. And I just want it to work as seen in preview and as seen in the Webflow tutorial.

Please can you help me figure out how to get this working.


Here is my site Read-Only:

They there!

Thanks for reaching out to the forums!

While I am looking on your site, I do not see any Lottie animations being used for interactions. Have there been any changes on your site recently? Would love to help with this if you’re still trying to figure things out.

My regards,
Webflow Jojo


Thank very much for getting back to me, I’m not sure why you can’t see the Lottie animations I’m referring to, can you please confirm that you can’t see any Lottie animations within the section named ‘Magazine-Section’? What do you see instead?

Best regards,

Hey there Merlyn,

I see those Lottie animations now (which are looking awesome!). So on my end, they seem to be loading separately as they scroll into the screen.

Have you updated this recently to where it functions accordingly?

Hello WebflowJojo,

Thank you for taking another look.

And thanks, I’m glad they’re looking good. They started to work for no reason at all. I left Webflow and logged in the next day and they worked. They were only not working on the published test site (we haven’t set up our domain yet) but now, even on the published test site, the Lotties are completely linked to scrolling up and down.

I’ll let you know if the issue happens again but all good at the moment, may be it was a weird bug?

Best regards,

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