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While scrolling in view, how to slow down animation

Hi friends,

I’m having some trouble with one section. Trying to create a scroll effect, but this scrolling effect scrolls too fast, so I can’t even read the content.

How I can slow down the animation, and make that scroll-animation lasts at least 4-5s.

Blue section:

Preview Link:

Appreciate your help!

Have a nice day, if you need help contact me at

Louis Darques

Hey Louis, thanks a lot for the help! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, have a good Christmas party. If my answer to was the solutions for you, please mark my answer as the solutions, again good day to you. Bye.

Hi Louis,
Your help would be much appreciated.
I try to make my section slowing or stop scrolling from up to down, to be able to have that section stay on screen and play the animation inside. This concerns the “INSTAGRAM-SECTION” of the home page.

I was looking to recreate this effect you can see on this video at 5:40 (TOP 5 WEBSITES OF MAY 2020: Mind-blowing web design - YouTube)

By the way i wrote in English for the forum but you can reply in French as well.

Thanks for your help