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While scrolling in view animation not animating to 100%

As explained in the title, in an animation i’m crafting, the animation I have set is not fully animating, despite the animation end being set at 75% and the scroll marker telling me it is at 100%… see screenshot below

What am I doing wrong?

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@cyberdave @jorn @WebDev_Brandon is this a bug?

Hi @Alex_Pan, next to where is say’s “move” there is a caution symbol. That means it is not connected to the elements you want to move. This happens when you add a previously created animation to a new block.

Just need to reconnect, and you can do that by right-clicking on each animation point and selecting the desired element.

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Not really. This warning means that something is wrong with the settings for this particular action. In this case the units are different (rem vs %). Units should always be the same

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Thanks for the replies guys.

@WebDev_Brandon I just checked and I can confirm that the animation is connected — warning symbol seems to be unrelated. The issue isn’t that the animation isn’t triggering, the issue is that the animation isn’t fully animating on scroll.

This was the solution, thanks @dram! For some reason in Webflow, 0px starting value in an interaction using % values bugs out the animation :thinking:

This is always the case when you combine different units. Sometimes things kinda work, but jerkily and unpleasantly

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