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Which Upgrade would you recommand?


I want to build a homepage, which looks like Shop.
But the different is, they don’t buy the products on my Homepage, I just transfer them to the original product.

So the Ecommerce upgrade is good for me, but it has many features, which are not necessary for me, like shipping, chart function and other features, the biggest alleviation for my project is the product placement feature.

I am not sure which Upgrade plan is better for me, would you take the Ecommerce or the CMS?
Can I build the Product placement by my own easy with the CMS?

Best regards

PS…Sorry for my bad Englisch

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Hey @rodin_timocin

From what I see here you don’t need Ecommerce functionalities. I will just use the CMS to display the products and link to their original place.

I will say CMS

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Thank you, that helped me alot. :slight_smile: I will upgrade to the CMS