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Which tutorial video explains the following

I have a problem. :frowning:

Which tutorial video explains the following for the following context:
I have a collection list. I gave it a tile and an album. I made a grid of the tiles. I want to click on a tile and then get linked to the page where the album is displayed.

  1. How to link a tile to a page?
  2. Inserting a album, is it usually done by adding a ‘multi-image field’ to the ‘collection field;’ or do people usually add a ‘reference field’ or ‘multi-reference field’ to inset the album on the page linked from the tile?

Which video explains the parts of 1 and 2?

Thank you for your response. :smiley:

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Found it! But, how to make it possible that not a button is a button but the image is the button?

Found it! But, how to link the image to its own projects template page?
No, never mind. But, why are my images not visible.

So, I clicked on a link and then the images of the album are not there while I can see them in the template view.

You see the album.

You do not see the album anymore.

Never mind, got it. and now some extra characters so I can post thi…