Which site plan should I get for my portfolio?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Webflow, proficient in HTML/CSS, but don’t know understand much about hosting/grittiness of front-end. I’m in a time crunch to launch my design portfolio and already have a few pages made but I’d like to save as much money as I can because turns out, it definitely won’t be live for more than six months!


  • I’d like to just work on creating a set template design on Webflow, export code, then just change all the placeholder text/pics from there.
  • Currently have domain from Squarespace from previous portfolio
  • Planning to have 8-10 static pages
  • Would like to host on Github Pages and get transfer my domain there if possible?? I don’t even know how Github Pages work but I think’s it’s free if I host there. If I can’t use transfer domain I guess it’s okay if I get the .github.io default one but if there’s any better hosting options, I’m open to any ideas on how I can navigate through this.


If you want to design stuff in Webflow and then export you can just buy a Lite Account plan for a couple of month while you are doing your design, then export the code and be done with it.