Which plan to use + payment method


I am working for my company as a webdesigner and we want to redesign 2 of our websites. We don’t have a lot of traffic but the websites are pretty oldschool and in need of a change.

These 2 websites have their own domain and my question is, what would be the best option to choose If we would go with webflow?

Smaller question:
I am based in the Netherlands so iDeal is the biggest payment method. Is there a way to pay for webflow monthly/annually with iDeal instead of a creditcard?


@Mourik welcome to the forum! Second question: nope. It’s just credit cards. You’ll see several people who have asked whether they could use e-commerce with iDeal as well :slight_smile: .

For your first question, do these sites have a blog? If they’re just a handful of static pages (home, about, contact) then you could simply use the $12/month (paid yearly) plan. If you’ve got a blog or another collection (for example a portfolio of projects) you would need the $16/month hosting plan. You don’t need to pay for an account plan, the free account would be enough.

Thank you for the clarification Sarah!

We do have some kind of portfolio page where you can see some of the projects, on both the websites. The plan is also to have some kind of blog where you can read some latest news.

So because we have 2 websites, would that mean that we have to pay 12 x 2 = 24 monthly ?

That means if we choose the site plan - Basic right?

@Mourik the basic plan doesn’t include the option to have a blog (or use the same functionality as what the blog uses to create a dynamic portfolio) so if you aren’t building the blog just yet, you can just use the basic plan. If you want to include that blog and build a portfolio with the cms (that’s the name for the blog functionality) you can upgrade to the CMS plan.