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Which plan to sign?

Hello, I’m in doubt about which plan to sign … I’m making a portfolio and I need
just put a code in the style to make a horizontal scroll … however as my plan is free, the option of “custom code” is closed and they put the plan “hosting plan” to be able to edit

However, I think that if I’m going to sign a plan, for me it would be more interesting the “lite plan” with 10 projects … because in this project I will not use any CMS function … I just need to add one in the code

.gallery-container { position: -webkit-sticky! important; position: sticky! important; }

I would like to know, if the plan lite the part of “custom code” is released to be able to use or just subscribing to the “hostig plan”

If someone can help me, I would be happy =)


Lite plan seems good for that. You can also start with a monthly plan so you can cancel anytime just having paid a month.

Also, you can always up- or downgrade your account.

I have the Lite plan, I can do custom code up to 10000 characters :slight_smile:

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Nice news Ozone =)

Thanks :pray:t5:

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