Which plan serves a business with multiple arms, including eCommerce?


I found a layout I love. I spent a LOT more time creating my landing page image than getting the site mockup to a point that it’s conveying the meaning I want.

In brief, I’m a long time entertainer. I’ve released several indie albums, acted on a few tv shows, and studied sound engineering/music production.
I have a small yet powerful multimedia studio.
I fly drones as a federally licensed commercial drone pilot.
I sell Yooper Soul (Upper Peninsula, Michigan) clothes, home goods, and designs/art.
I make feature video shorts.

My biz, Yooper Soul Productions splits in 3 main directions. I’d previously used Shopify which repped my apparel well, yet totally failed to be useful promoting my SERVICES.
The three branches are

  • Industrial Drone Application/Drone Contractor Services

  • Multimedia Production: photography, videography, voice over, sound recording, music production, commercial video production, graphic design, editing, etc.

  • Gift Store: hats, hoodies, t-shirts, home goods, all Yooper themed and designed in house.

Additionally there’s a Photo Print GALLERY with works on display and for sale.
Finally, there’s a multimedia showroom featuring my video and audio productions.

You’ll see on my current site, while the design looks great to me, I erred in setting up my business branches in a gallery format. I didn’t realize I’d add the gallery examples so differently as this theme dictates… SO I fill it all in in the collections tab, rather than these initial 4 categories linking to a fully editable Webflow webpage.

Questions are;
given my description, and the fact that I can accept payment myself, is ecommerce essential or can I just link a button. I’d like to have commerce managed, yet am unclear on how that happens over here (as opposed to, “over there” I suppose).
So ultimately the question is how to choose my plan… Even as I’m starting free and building out, I’d like a trajectory.

Next question:
is it going to be easy enough to translate this page such that the links open to another webpage rather than the other format?
The only link active is the GALLERY or “project 4.”

I realized quickly that wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

Thank you,
Hunter Wade
Yooper Soul Productions