Which plan is needed to create custom CSS in the <head>?

Hi Webflow people!

Which Webflow plan is needed to enable the feature that lets you supply custom CSS in the tag?

This page suggests that a “premium plan” is needed, but none of the hosting plans have that name. Can we get by with the Lite plan?

@Gabe_Johnson you can place custom css in all I think

open your project you will see the little house by home.
when you hover it there is a gear icon that appears click that then you will see custom code link.

I think its available in all

Hi @Gabe_Johnson

By Premium, I believe it means either a paid Designer/Account plan or an active hosting plan, maybe @PixelGeek or support@webflow.com could confirm for sure.

Good feedback - as the page that links to doesn’t then mention which plans are considered Premium.

You can apply site-wide in project settings, or at page level in the page settings in the Designer.