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Which new M1 MacBook Pro did you get?

I’m in the market to upgrade my 2015 macbook pro and am caught in between 16GB of RAM or upgrading (for $400 more) to 32GB of RAM.

I’m reading articles and seeing videos that says the speed difference is negligible, even when performing RAM-hogging tasks like video editing with multiple other software open, too. This is a goodie, for example: 16GB vs. 32GB MacBook Pro: How Much is Enough? - MacRumors

So that kind of data is suggesting that I should be fine with 16GB since I only run Sketch, Webflow (in Chrome), Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and occasionally iMovie simultaneously on any given day. No RAM intensive programs like 3D software and the like.

But I’m also hearing those who say it’s best to upgrade to 32GB to future proof.

Where do all of my Webflowers land in the 16 vs 32GB tug o’ war? Eek!