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Which link structure is better?

Hi there,
would it be better to build sub-sites like:

(which makes it accessible through

What do you think?

Thank you :slight_smile:

If you have many pages in a section and you want to rank it the section, the latter so you can create a content pyramid. All direct children point to the parent. A method were you can use / implement page rank sculpting. Unfortunately Webflow choose not to allow an index in a subdirectory, which means you can only fake it.

Oh I didn’t recognized that it isn’t possible to use index in a subdirectory.

Does anyone know why? I mean is there a real reason, why Webflow deny that to a user?

How could I fake it?

I mean it is so much easer for a visitor to get a direct link like instead of << not that user-friendly


I have no idea why and it has irritated me since I first started using WF. Note that with Webflow hosting there is no .html extension. Faking it would be to have your section landing page above at the root, and place all your section children in a folder. Of course if you export your site you can take the time to make the structure more to your liking but if you are constantly exporting then this would be a pain and you would probably want to script it.

Ok, I understand. Thank you. I’ll ask the support, why we don’t have the choice :slight_smile: