Which language (English, Spanish etc.) to use coding

Hi Guys,
I’m Italian and when I name CSS classes or collections or tags, I use mostly Italian words but a doubt came in my mind: “Does writing it in English makes the site preferable for SEO purpose?”, 'cause you know, I see only english tutorials so I never heard about that. Can someone dispel this doubt for me please?

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Google does not care how you name classes. Tags and collections can make a difference since they are potentially part of the site structure.

mmh zan zan here we go, my paranoia worked this time. So you’re saying I have to name tag’s and collections In Italian for Italian sites and in English for English ones or every times in English so Google can well understand what I’m saying?

Thank you for the reply

As a rule, tags and collections should be language specific. Html structure elements (sections, header…) should be in English, and for classes it doesn’t matter for SEO. For classes the important is a good and consistent naming system.
If your sites are multilingual, i.e using Weglot, SEO related terms get translated so it’s preferable to code everything in English

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Thank you really much. One last thing, I notice that I forgot to mention the name of media that I use in te site. Here what I have to do, English or specific language?

Thank you