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Which kinds of "Websites" Webflow CMS allow us to build?

Hi guys,

i’d like to create a “list” of which kind of websites can we build using Webflow CMS?
For instance:
• Blog
• Portfolio
• E-commerce
• etc…

I know my question seems stupid but believe me i didn’t find clear responses about this on Web.

Any suggestions is welcome :slight_smile:! Thanks

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I have been using Webflow CMS for the law firm site ( showcases page), Artist gallery site.
Actually, almost any site with content that will be updating dynamically can be built with Webflow CMS.


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Thanks @sabanna.

Could you published the links of your works?


Here is law firm site (pages with content from dynamic collection):

Here is site gallery for the artist:

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thanks @sabanna for your contribution :slight_smile:

I’ve created a career website (german) for the company I’m working for. The job offers overview is embedded as iframe, but the rest is made in webflow.


Looks really nice @weinro, nice job!


Thanks for you contribution @weinro, your work is very cool, i like it!
I work for german clients too.

Just a question, which kind of iFrame did you use?

Thanks @Nicolo! Could you specify your question concerning the iframe? I just know about the ONE meaning of iframe in terms of HTML:

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Hi @weinro, you’re right my question is too much generic.
I wanted to know if you used an automation for the iframe like Zapier or similar.

Ah ok, got it. No, we use an e-recruiting tool named Softgarden to manage our vacancies and applications. So you just embed a list of your vacancies on your website (as iframe) and candidates are forwarded to the specific job offer, which then is located on the e-recruiting platform.

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Thanks @weinro, your answer was precious :slight_smile:

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Hi Sabanna,

I know you’re an expert, but I found a bug by sudden in your attorney page. It’s in Chrome for Mac.

See here:

Best regards

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Thanks for heads up. Will check it later, but afraid it is the browser issue :confused: