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Where'd my ordering/sorting options go?

I don’t think I’m making this up - shouldn’t I have the ability to sort a dynamic list by one of the CMS data points? Trying to sort a list of lessons by lesson number and I see no sorting options in my sidebar. Pretty sure I’ve done this about a thousand-million times before, not sure what’s changed in the matrix.

Ideas? Feedback? Insults? I’ll take 'em.

Here’s my public link thingy. Go to Units Template page:

Hi @Chris_Scott, could you please, re-create your read-only link. Current link gives 404 page


Odd -

Is it because I’m trying to sort a list of items from the Lessons Collection on the Units Template page? Am I not able to sort items from one collection on a different collections’ template page? Seems weird…

I think it is because “Included lessons” is multi-reference field in the collection. It seems there is no filtering or sorting functionality for multi-reference. All other “real” collections on your site has this function.

Well that’s unfortunate. Any ideas on a workaround for this?

Ok, you have already field “Unit” in every lesson. You could try just add dynamic collection “Lessons” to Units template page and filter it: Unit field equal current Unit.

Works fine to me :slight_smile: So you will not even need that multi-reference


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Sabanna saves the day again! Thank you! This is a better approach anyway, since it saves me the time of having to find/choose each lesson for each unit. Perfect solution, thank you Sabanna!


You are welcome. I am glad to help :slight_smile: