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Where to learn HTML5 and CSS for interactions

Hey guys,

I’m in the middle between deciding to pay someone design something for me or learn and do it myself.
Obviously the first is easier, but I enjoy learning.

How would I go about doing this?
I am thinking of making an interactive timeline to embed into webflow. Would this be easier via CSS or HTML5?

What kind of resources should I be looking at?

Thinking about this a bit more, I’m guessing I can just do this using webflows interactions?
As I scroll down, the page gets bigger because the blocks expand and are filled with content.

Is this do-able?

Best place to learn coding is here :


Sure, If I understand the type of timeline you are wanting to create, Webflow’s scroll interactions are perfect for accomplishing that. The scroll interactions are only enabled for desktop, so you will have to think through an alternative for mobile (probably a static timeline).

Look at the IX example file. It should give you a great deal of insight into how to approach it:


I second Treehouse!

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Treehouse is good but i have found lots of tutorials on youtube that helped me a lot. you can look at tutsplus also.

Webflow is excellent tool but if you want to practice hand coding, the best site i can recommend is

I am not at all affliated to any of these. Moderators, if i have broken any rule, please forgive me and delete this post.