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Where to host a .JSON, called in a script

I made an animated and interactive SVG using bodymovin, an After-Effect plugin that allows you to export your AE animation to a .json file, and then display and control it via javascript.

Here is the codepen of my animation : https://codepen.io/Eklor/project/editor/AVjWBM
I can put my index.js in custom script and load bodymovin.js on https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/bodymovin/5.4.3/lottie.min.js

But my issue is:
Where should I host my data.json (animation data exported from AE) file?

Thanks in advance.

On a host, you can upload custom files to. Some people in the forums mentioned using dropbox, GitHub, or similar. I use web servers for stuff like that, so I can control permissions and handle CORS.

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You can also try specialized json storage services like http://myjson.com or https://jsonbin.io. Haven’t had any experience with these myself though.

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Thanks for your help both, I’m slowly making steps on the more technical side of our activity branch :).

Just let us know how it went!

I dig your animated icon, can’t wait to see where you’d put it :smiley:


Thanks Dram!
I keep this implement for a later stage, but sure I’ll share this here if I’m done before the topic get closed :sweat_smile: