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Where to find all uploaded -or- media assets in a purchased template?

I’m using a template and want to find out where the images are so I can use one of them as a background image?

I believe there may of been an asset area in a previous version of webflow, but I could be wrong?

I’ve tried to just copy and paste it, but it paste’s it as an image element and I need to insert it as a background to the div, any ideas or thoughts?


if you’re looking for a background image, try

  1. publishing the page,
  2. then go to it in your browser.
  3. then right click on the element
  4. then click on INSPECT ELEMENT
  5. then find the “background-image” css tag on the right
  6. open that address in a new tab


There’s no asset management. It’s I think not possible to affect an already used image to another style. I have duplicated images in one of my site. To optimize, the best is to create a class with just this background property and use it for several elements. It’s not ideal.