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Where is the Twitter Widget?

Where is the Twitter widget in the “Add” panel? I see Facebook, Google+, etc… but no Twitter!

Thank you

In the middle:

Yeah, mine doesn’t have the Twitter widget! I’m on Safari/Chrome on an 11" Macbook Air - could resolution be the problem? I guess I could check on someone else’s computer…

Thanks for the reply @bartekkustra, much appreciated.

That’s bizarre. Could you try in incognito mode? I wonder if it’s some browser extension like Ghostery or AdBlock identifying that element as a false positive.

It works on Chrome! I guess it’s a Safari issue.

Thanks guys!

If you ever encounter any problems with Webflow not displaying things properly you should try with disabling all extentions first and/or (even better) trying Incognito Mode of your favourite browser :slight_smile:

Another issue guys:

The official Twitter widget, when embedded into my site, doesn’t show up on my Safari because of my Adblock. Is there any workaround for this?

The Twitter widget is quite rubbish anyway, so any cleaner recommendations for an alternative would be appreciated!

Thank you!