Where is the text span tool?

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Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere - I couldn’t find any similar post.
I am trying to make one word in a sentence a different color from the rest of the sentence.

I am having trouble finding the text span tool - Webflow University says there should be a “brush” icon in the options above my text selection - but when I make my selection no “brush” icon shows up.

I have tried selecting the text and creating a new class, or a combination class, but whenever I click onto the Style Panel - the word is deselected - and the selection reverts to the whole element.

I would really appreciate any help!
Thank you!

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Unfortunately Webflow does not have <span> creation capabilities in the Rich Text Block- what you’re looking at is the standard Text Block.

Yeah, I can hear you asking…

"What? But why does Webflow’s basic Text Block have formatting capabilities that the Rich Text Block doesn’t?

And… I can’t answer that. I’m sure there’s some history there. On the plus side, , you’ve reminded me to add this as a Wishlist item, which I thought I’d created years ago.


In the meantime, Webflow has recently added the Superscript and Subscript tools to the Rich Text Block, which you probably don’t need and can restyle.


Here I’ve restyled Superscript as red text, and Subscript has yellow-highlighted text.

And here’s a video tutorial on how to accomplish that.

It’s not the perfect solution. You will have to educate clients what to click in the editor to get the styling they want. You might also hurt accessibility slightly or confuse screen readers as these are still rendered as <sup> and <sub> elements in the HTML.

But it might get you what you need.

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@memetican Ah, thank you for your reply. I’ll try using a standard Text Block in that case! It would be nice in a Rich Text Block wouldn’t it.

It would but I’m really happy with the approach in the video above, it works a treat. Definitely upvote that wishlist item so we can get this on the Webflow’s team radar.


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