Where is the rest of this interaction?

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping you can help me. I cloned this hamburger/dropdown, but in the interactions, I can’t see how it is triggering the full screen menu overlay to come down and go back up on click. The hamburger animation is there but can’t see any interactions affecting the dropdown at all. Is this something to do with the change from legacy?



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hi @mimfox the nav animation is set in nav it self and is WF predefined. Options to define from where nav drawer will appear is in navbar setting

hope this will help to solve your request.

OH! Lol I think it was unclear to me that “hide” was the active switch and not “show”, and for some reason it didn’t occur to me to toggle. Duh. Thank you!!

@Stan a further question on this though — the interaction that is applied to the hamburger menu seems to do the “2nd click” behaviour on the 1st click and vice versa. Am I wrong? This is driving me absolutely crazy.

hi @mimfox I wasn’t pay attention to this but it is common issue people have and here on forum is many solutions. So I will recommend to spend some time by searching and reading to understand why this happened and how to fix it or just download another template where button interaction works correctly. :slight_smile:

EDIT: did you hide navigation after editing? When you keep it on show and get back to preview nav will automatically close but state of button stay open and result is reverse interaction.

Hi @Stan, thanks! I decided to build my own from scratch to circumvent the issue. Happy to share with others here. I stupidly designed it all in tablet breakpoint and then of course nothing cascaded upwards, but hopefully it’s still helpful!

Happy new year, y’all.

EDIT: There seems to be a bug, if you toggle preview off and on the interactions work again. :person_shrugging:t2:

Sorry so hear I wasn’t able to solve your original request. Thanks for sharing your navigation, there is a place called made in Webflow you can find some inspiration.