Where is the bottom padding coming from?

Hey all,
I didn’t notice this at first but there is an extra 48px of bottom padding being added to each page.
It’s more obvious on the deeper plash pages (http://www.marshalletaylor.com/webdesign)
I was able to find it via an inspect element in browser but can’t see what is producing this “:after” class.

Thanks a bundle for any insight here, hope its just an easy fix!

Hi there, thanks for reaching out!

Do you mind sharing your website share link with us. This looks like the HTML height is actually being set to 48px after content has loaded which is odd, a look inside the design tool may help.

It could also be a browser extension causing this if this doesn’t happen to you inside the design tool. Does this still occur in incognito mode? Do you mind providing a screenshot of the area with the extra padding?


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