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Where is my Webflow SSL Private Key & Certificate?

I have a Webflow site with SSL installed =
I have a subdomain that points to a Laravel Forge site =

I’m trying to “Install Existing Certificate” in Laravel Forge, but I don’t know how to obtain this info from my Webflow SSL.

How can I find out what my Webflow SSL’s Private Key and Certificate info is? Thanks!

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Hello @TL-Jay

You’re not using Webflow hosting right?

Piter :webflow_heart:

@TL-Jay- Webflow is using certificates for SSL on your site. This offers an automated process for the creation of certificates for free. So there is no private key, private cert file for you to download and use. Most hosting providers do support LetsEncrypt on their servers. So you should be able to use that, if supported. If not, you would need to secure a new certificate from a public certificate authority, or generate your own self signed certificate (a self signed certificate would not be automatically trusted by browsers).

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Just use Forge’s LetsEncrypt feature.