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Where is another half of the content?


so I have two sections where the content is hidden and shows only after clicking on the arrow. First works fine. But the second does not show the full content. I wanted to make the same effect for the interview which is in the scene8, but the problem is that on the preview mode as well as on the published site it cuts out more than a half of the whole div with text. Everything in this section has height set to “auto”, I guess nothing else gets on top of the text, because it is not covered, rather cut out – I can see from the length of this box in the preview mode.
Do you know what could possibly cause this problem? I would much appreciate any response.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]1
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Do you have a custom code block with a faulty or missing closing tag somewhere? (like </style> or </script> or </div>)

Your share link is dead

Hello, thank you for reply. I have only custom code for the lottie animation, nothing else. I also updated the read only link.

What page is it on? Could you help me understand by showing 2 screenshots, one with expected, one with bugging results. Thanks in advance.

Also I have seen you helping others already while you ask your own questions, that’s super cool!

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Your share link is dead…

snaptube vidmate

This should work