Where i can set form email Submission?

Only under dashboard? (I want for form X to mail X@gmail.com ---- and for another Form named “Y” to Mail y@gmail.com) this is possible?

Also i can delete Submission ? (under dashboard --> forms)

No. Webflow almost doesn’t support forms.

  • You cant send different forms to different emails.
  • Your foms will always come from @webflow.com
  • clients cant make forms or alter them
  • and they don’t work with cms.

I use JotForm, but that only solves the first two points.

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Hi @Siton_Systems,

You can do this easily using Zapier or using Mail filters. You can setup Zapier to collect specific form data and send it to a specified email address. You could also use Mail filters to route emails to another address.

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