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Where does this menu toggle colour come from?

Hello together!
I am quite new to Webflow and this is my first question:
Please look at this tiny screencast:
Can somebody tell me, where this grey colour comes from (standard menu)?
Here is the shared link to the project file: test-site

I am new to web flow grunter but i can tell you after viewing your resources in your custom code for css add the color using this code… this is a trigger color for when it is open. I am not sure where or if you can do it in nav menu settings but this will fix your issue. just add the color you want or you can
ust transparent instead of color code but this will solve your issue.

.w-nav-button.w–open {
background-color: #C8C8C8;
color: white;

Hi @Gunter_Heissenbuttel

The colour comes from the menu: open setting. No need for custom code in this instance.


Well there you go lol

Thank a lot for your help! @magicmark gave the ultimate tip!
I fear, this wasn’t my last „cry for help“ in this forum! :smile:

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