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Where do you find inspiration?

Where do you find inspiration for your projects?

I guess I am stuck on inspiration for a new project. Well I have two I would like to work on (but one at a time). In the agriculture industry. Normally I would go look to see what other websites have done. But there are not a lot of modern websites for me to draw off of! I want it to wow people but keep getting stuck in that bootstrap layout (you know top fixed navbar etc)

And, of course under recent and great “discover” section in Webflow!

Inspiration can come from anywhere, not only by looking into other websites… A photo might be an inspiration, a quirky architectural element in your city or just simply looking from a different perspective for the object you have on your desk :wink:

From then on, I imagine grids and mixing things up… After the concept, then I give another look to websites inspirational galleries,as the one mentioned above, just to connect the dots…

Endless possibilities :wink:

Looking at wordpress themes is often helpful, it depends what kind of site you are looking to build, in your case I agree there aren’t many clean and simple agriculture sites, find a format you like and then draw elements from themes and websites that you like.

I think the key in your case will be planning, go on a trawl through websites that you like, work out the key features and content that your website will have, and then draw each page out on paper. Once you have a good idea of what it is going to look like on paper it becomes so much easier to build on webflow and ends up looking much better.

Feel free to PM me for advice.


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Hey peeps thanks!

I always like a good design just have never had the patience to sit down and go through the process. I have to really think of a way I can put content first but still have the website be attractive.

Another thing and maybe the biggest challenge for is colour schemes.

And Arthur I might just take you up on that offer when I have a better idea of what I want to do layout/design wise!

Colin :slight_smile:

A tip for the color schemes:

Have fun! :smile:

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Awesome! Thanks so much! :smiley:

You can also use Adobe illustrator’s color guide. Comes very useful all the time for me. My workflow is always do a sketch then a prototype in illustrator. This allows me to refine my original idea. I hope it helps

I always want to make something uniqe and special but you also want to the user in front row and then it’s better to follow some of guide lines like having a top navbar, logo on the left, easy to read content and so on. If you leave this it’s very imported that navigating its something the user understand immediately or he leaves.

Inspiration comes from anywhere like someone said. You need to trigger your mind. Pen and paper, use google with different search terms compatible with your project. Good luck with your project.

I’ve found a lot of good stuff on too.

LIke @nita_design say

Inspiration is Everywhere is the title of my fliboard :

I have that in my sectionned design bookmark: