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Where Can I find a simple table in webflow

Where Can I find a simple table in webflow? I am truing to find this basic component, but I am not able to find that. Even, pingendo has that, How a powerful tool as web Can not have that.!??

Have you tried using the new CSS Grid feature?

Much more fun and easier than old school tables. And it’s responsive!

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Thank a lot, It is really fun!!!

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But not as accessible when it comes to tabular data. THEAD TBODY TH TR TD are all critical elements that screen readers use to help people with disabilities navigate complicated tabular data.

By not including a table component out of the box, Webflow is leaving it up to individual users, who may have very little understanding of accessibility issues, to wire up a bunch of divs with all the correct aria-labels and roles to emulate a table, when a table is actually the correct, semantic way to mark up that information.

CSS grids are for fluid layouts, not for tabular data.


As dottom said, grids are not an accessible way of displaying tabular data!
Not having a way to include an accessible table (if you are not a developer who already knows how to do it using embedded HTML) is quite tragic, please add a table to your natively supported elements!