Where are these fonts?

Why can’t I find Fonts Gibson or Proxima.

I can see them Google Fonts…

but I cannot select them in Webflow -> Google Web Fonts

darn :frowning:
thanks though.

Proxima and Gibson are similar to Gotham
which is what I was trying to find originally (but couldn’t)

This is a close alternative to proxima nova

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cool. They look nice. I’ll give them a try.
Thanks a lot :smile:

Gotham is a Hoefler font, which is available for web use via their cloud.typography service. As noted, Proxima is one of Mark Simonson’s big hits and available via Typekit. Gibson is available via fontspring but since those are all 3 different services, I don’t blame you for having a hard time using them! Be sure to check out Typewolf’s recommendations for free alternatives for each one.

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