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Where are the LINK SETTINGS if not on the actual button element?

I am a total noob and having to take over a site that was built. I just need to change the link on a button that already exists but I cannot for the life of me figure out how.

I click on the button and look through Style, Settings, Navigator, and Interactions but can’t find any mention of a link there.

On other links in the site, there’s a little settings icon, so I can click that to make the change, but on this button that doesn’t exist so I need help figuring out where else I can change a link.

Sorry for such a dumb question. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

PS. I read this, but it didn’t help! I can’t find LINK SETTINGS

Hi Grace,

Select your link and go to the settings panel. You’ll find the link settings there.

Thanks so much for helping out Nita, but I don’t get that option on this button. See screenshot below (I do get that option on another button, but this one must’ve been set up differently).

If you refer to your screenshot, that’s not a link you are selecting. Perhaps the link is one element higher or lower. To locate the actual link, use the third (Navigator) tab.

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Aha! Thank you Sam! Link found. Much appreciated.

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