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Where are the elements in Mobile Portrait mode?

Hi, This is my second website, and I THOUGHT that I was a veteran Webflow designer, but I guess not! My BIOGRAPHY page (bio) looks great in Desktop, Tablet, and even Mobile Landscape mode. However, it doesn’t show up in MP mode. No, the elements are not set to “none/hide”. I can see the name “Product Image Thumbnail” and “H3 Product Title” (I’m using a template). Could someone please help me through the process how to discover where it’s hiding in MP mode? I even tried moving it using the Layout controllers, and the margins, thinking it was just hiding off the design area. Thanks in advance!!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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@itmsjim I had a look in your project, but I’m not sure which part is " BIOGRAPHY"

The second Section from the top that says BIO.