When using DevLink, href values are incorrect for relative page links

I have been using DevLink to share navbar and footer (and other components) between my marketing site in Webflow and my Next.js site. For the most part this works great and I have been very impressed with it.

The one annoying thing is that links whose type is a link to another webflow page (as opposed to an explicit url) come over with href=“#”. as a result they dont work, and we have to manually fix all of them after export.

Links with explicit urls don’t have this problem, so one option is to just switch to use those in webflow, but then of course if we ever change a page’s slug, it wouldn’t automatically update links to it.

Here is another report which I think points to the same issue: Devlink - buttons don't bring href

I verified this is not anything specific to my site - for example I’ve cloned example sites from the docs like Dashflow X - DevLink HTML5 Responsive Website Template, and the same issue is present.

I’m surprised, given the overall level of polish of Devlink overall, that this has not been addressed, as sharing of nav bars / footers is explicitly called out as a target use case, and I would assume using page links within those (rather than explicit urls) would be very common.

I hope that this can be fixed soon, in the meantime, any suggestions for workarounds other than fixing the links every time would be appreciated.