When Transferring site my Email is attached to their Forms

Hello team.

This is something which has been annoying me.

When I create sites for clients in my own account, I mostly transfer them over to their own account after finishing. What these clients mostly forget, is that they should check their Form settings. For some reason my email always gets attached to their forms after transferring by default. This results in a lot of form submissions which I receive in my email. Annoying! And that results again in me trying to explain my clients that they should remove my email from the Form Settings.

It would be nice if the email field in the Form settings would just remain blank after transferring the site.

Maybe I’m the only one with this problem!?

@thesergie , @cyberdave - any idea?

You’re not alone Rowan. Has happened to me as well. We fixed this issue when a project is duplicated but didn’t realize it occurred when the site is transferred. We’re working on a fix so hold tight!

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