When I try to resize columns it freezes and won't let me

Hiya - I’m having a problem with resizing columns for some reason.

When I’m creating a column and trying to change the size so one column is bigger than the other I find that it freezes and won’t resize them and I end up having the refresh and it just repeats the same problem.

It appears like the photo below when it freezes but you cant move the sliders at all and I end up having to refresh because I can’t click on anything/it freezes

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 15.40.55

Is anyone else having this problem? Have I done something for this to suddenly start happening?

Any help would be really appreciated, thanks!

Hi Laura,

Webflow newbie here! I’m also running into this issue on Chrome. Sorry I can’t help, but I am wondering the same thing.


Running into the same issue too. On Chrome and Firefox for Mac.

Confirmed. When trying to use the columns element Webflow freezes. Can’t even delete the element until after a browser refresh and I have to delete it in the navigator. Same in Chrome and Safari. I believe this is a bug.

Power tip: I never use the column element. Instead, I suggest using a flexbox parent with “wrap”. Then create columns from scratch inside by defining each columns percentage of 100%. 2column = 50%+50 or 30%+70… 3column = 33.33%+33.33+33.33, etc. This method will give you a lot more control.

Confirmed. You might retag this post under the “bug” category.